About the certification Exam


With ADFEE, you will be given the proper resources and education in order to ensure your clients that you are doing everything to protect the integrity of their natural lashes. Start building trust with your clientele by becoming Damage-Free® Certified. When you become certified, you may display our seal below on your website and social media page, and even print a decal for your salon windows and doors. Let the world know that YOUR salon offers DAMAGE-FREE® EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

The Damage-Free® Certification Exam is a one-on-one life in-person exam. Exams are not done online or through photographs or videos. It may be required for you to travel to become certified.

Get Certified

2 Hours

The exam is exactly 2 hours. You must have applied at least 40 eyelash extensions per eye. You must use the entire two hours. 

The Six Standards

The stylist must demonstrate each of the ADFEE 6 Standards of Eyelash Extension Application in order to Pass. The Exam is Pass or fail. If any of the 6 standards are not met in the exam, one cannot pass the exam and it must be retaken. 

Certification Requirements

*The Purchase of the Damage-Free® Certification Exam is non-refundable.