CONSUMER awareness notice


1) Your extensions look "clumpy" and "spidery" going in all directions. This is because they have not been applied correctly or individually. They are stuck together--this is essentially what will cause your natural eyelashes to be damaged and you will have lash line gaps.

2) You can "feel" your eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions should not feel like anything.

3) They are painful. You may feel they are pinching and poking your lash line. and will also feel "tight" because each lash grows at a different rate and they are pulling other lashes out prematurely if they are stuck together.

4) Between fills they will grow out of control and there are eyelash extensions that simply will not go the right way. This is most likely because they are stuck to other lashes.

5) Your fills look more sparse over time. This is because you are prematurely losing lashes over time as the damage becomes worse. Your lash line is thinning out.

If you have ANY of these symptoms, and if you feel you may have damaging eyelash extensions, the first thing you should do is

1) Have them removed by either your current technician or a different one. Do not try to remove them yourself with any sort of oils. This will not remove the eyelash extensions. A special topical remover for cyanoacrylate adhesives is the only proper removal method. Do not cut or pull them off as this may lead to more damage. 

2) Immediately start an eyelash grown serum such as Lash Boost and use it daily. This will help regrow the natural lashes back to health in as little as 30-60 days.  We have partnered with Rodan + Fields to provide the fastest lash growth product on the market that will regrow your lashes ASAP.


3) Do your research on a new eyelash technician. Eyelash extensions are amazing and definitely worth it when they are done right.

4) You can search for a new eyelash technician through the Damage-Free Stylist Directory at Through the Association for Damage-Free Eyelash Extensions (ADFEE). This is an association that tests and certifies lash technicians one on one  to ensure their work is of perfect quality. If there is not a technician listed in your area, contact the nearest one to see if they may have a referral in your area.